Utility & Mudroom Solutions

Today's homes and busy lifestyles require storage organization needs that go beyond the obvious. We can also help in mudroom areas, laundry rooms and designated storage areas. Shelving, bench seating with shoe storage, wine racks and a host of other organization products are available to handle these specialized needs. In short, Northwest Closets & Wallbeds has innovative storage solutions for all your needs.

We all have children or husbands (notice this isn't a wife problem) that track in mud and dirt into the house because they don't have a place to remind them to take those darn shoes off! It's also nice to have a place to hang jackets, set groceries and many other things while you gather yourself from running to the house from your car in this Northwest rain. Mudroom cabinets or utility cabinets are a great way to store these items, making organization and cleanliness better upon entry.

Mudroom cabinets are also a great way to fill an awkward nook or space that could be in your home rather than leaving it empty, or with some off-the-shelf product that can look "hokey" or "cheap".

When speaking with your custom cabinet designer, be sure to explain the issues that are most troublesome; more than likely, we will have an answer and a design that will be tailored to your needs and custom-fit for the space!

Northwest Closets & Wallbeds serves Seattle, Bellevue, Tacoma, and the entire Puget Sound area.

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