Reach-In Closet Solutions

Reach-in closets are less complex than walk-ins, but do present challenges due to differing door arrangements. They are also typically smaller, and can be a challenge to use the maximum amount of space available. That is, of course, unless you give us a call! We have installed thousands of reach-in closet systems throughout the Seattle area, from Bellevue all the way down to Tacoma and Olympia. In many cases we have doubled the useable space for our customers. In some cases, we simply helped clean up the clutter by providing simple reach-in organizational cabinets or better quality systems than what was exisitng.

Depths, heights, and doorway headers for walk-in, reach-in, bedroom closets etc. also play into the overall design considerations. Additionally, it would be unreasonable to expect the needs for an older adult would be the same for toddler. Again, design considerations are built around your input and needs. The same thought process goes into your choice of materials, options, and accessories.

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