Office Murphy And Wallbeds

Offices and Murphy/wallbeds are an interesting pair. 60% of the time one is in conjunction with the other. Working from home during the pandemic led to a big increase in their combination. In addition, the efficiency of room utilization was a huge plus for many.  

Key points with each are that customization of your office space allows you to maximize that space with what serves you best. The right amount of drawers, proper amount of file storage or even customized spaces for printers or monitors. This is in comparison to some off-the-shelf desk products. You get to also customize your colors or wood species and it fits the space perfectly. 

The benefit of the Murphy Beds is that they come in all sizes (twin, twin xl, full, full xl, queen & king) and they don’t require any custom mattress sizes which gives you maximum comfort, depending on your definition of “comfortable mattress”.  Again, you can choose any variety of bed face profiles, wood colors, or wood species, as well as custom stain or custom paint. There’s a variety of storage towers available in conjunction with Murphy Beds for maximum storage and when matched with a custom office, you’ve effectively created a multipurpose room which is great for everyday use, resale and many other reasons in between.

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