Puyallup's Best Custom Closet Systems and Murphy Beds

Puyallup Closets and Home Solutions

Nearly 35% of Puyallup’s housing consists of multifamily units. As rent and living costs continue to rise, so too has the need for better, more efficient methods of storage, especially as more people are moving into smaller and more affordable housing. Whether it be in the living room, the kitchen, or in your laundry room, Northwest Closets and Wallbeds is here to help!

Custom Closet

As a non-franchise family-run business with over 15 years’ experience in the industry, we offer the utmost value and quality in all of our home storage solutions in Puyallup. From utility and mudroom shelving to entertainment centers and organized pantries, we have the solution for your storage needs.

All of our units are fully customized to your specifications, and use only the highest quality materials—you won’t find any flimsy plastic fittings or hanging rail systems. Our skilled design specialists will work with you every step of the way during the design and installation process to ensure that not only are your storage needs fully met, but that you are happier and stress-free as a result.

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Puyallup Murphy Beds, Wallbeds, Cabinet Beds

Murphy Bed

Working with a reduced amount of space can be difficult, particularly when you are trying to create a comfortable bedroom or guestroom. While you can shuffle thinrgs around to make temporary space, that option is inconvenient and normally not available to people in multifamily units like apartments or condos. Thankfully, Murphy beds and cabinet beds provide a sophisticated modern solution to this problem!

Murphy beds and cabinet beds are fantastic, practical ways to save space in your home, folding into beautiful pieces of furniture that seamlessly integrate with your home decor. With the addition of a Murphy bed from Northwest Closets & Wallbeds, you can transform a room from a cozy office to a comfortable guest room in the blink of an eye.

All of our Murphy beds are made out of the highest quality materials, and come in a wide variety of styles and colors. If you are looking to make better use of your space, call us today to schedule your consultation!

Puyallup Custom Garage Cabinets & Storage

Garage Storage in Puyallup

We use our garages for a lot of different things, including work spaces, storage, and occasionally, when space permits—parking our cars.

Unfortunately, garages often end up getting the short end of the stick when it comes to organization. Boxes, tools, and various other items are messily strewn about, preventing us from being able to use our garages for much of anything. Northwest Closets & Wallbeds can change that!

Our heavy-duty adjustable storage shelves and cabinets provide an efficient, attractive, and durable means of getting your garage organized. Not only will you be able to find and easily access the things you are looking for, but you will be able to open up valuable floor space.

If you’re wanting to open up even more space, we also install overhead racks and shelving. Give us a call for a free consultation and take your garage back!