Closet Solutions for Kids

Northwest Closets strives to make your child's closet easy to use and aesthetically pleasing.

Children's closets, regardless of configuration, can be fun to design—or somewhat frustrating. Let's face it, kids aren't exactly neat about things—and they tend to grow! We strive to configure these closets to accommodate changing needs.

One of the great features of modular closet systems is the ability to change as your needs do. Initially, young kids need more shelving and perhaps a few pullout baskets. As they grow, the needs shift to more hanging space, and perhaps drawer space. The design is therefore "age dependent" to an extent.

One of the side benefits of a well designed, well organized children's closet is that it encourages them to learn to keep the place neat—and for you to minimize the the number of times you yell, "clean your room!"

Whether it's children's closets, older kids' closets, playroom storage, or any other area where this specific kind of storage is needed, it is still built with the same quality and attention to detail as any other closet in the home. We use quality materials ranging from industrial melamine to real wood products. Baskets, bins, and other shelving storage is adjustable and helpful for the bulky, oddball sizes of things children need storage for.

Many of our closet cabinets can be adjusted for future growth, so making the investment in this area of your home won't have to happen several times as your needs change.