Murphy Bed / Wallbed Sizing

Wallbeds are fairly standard in their dimensions and height. We are a unique company in that we have some ability to change the height dimensions based on different thicknesses of mattresses. Short ceiling? Awkward room size? We can likely accommodate. 

We also have special designs that include deeper cabinets / Wallbeds for more storage. See the charts below.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding sizing, please give us a call!

Vertical Murphy Beds / Wallbed Sizing:

Bed Size Width Height Depth
Queen 65.5” 88.5” 16”
Double/Full 59.5” 83.5” 16”
Twin/Single 44.5” 83.5 16”

Side Mount / Horizontal Murphy Bed Sizing:

Bed Size Width Height Depth
Queen 85” 68 5/16” 16”
Double/Full 80” 62 5/16” 16”
Twin/Single 80” 47 5/16” 16”