Overhead Garage Storage by MONSTER RAX™

You had to pay for every square foot of your house so why not utilize some of that space overhead? We offer garage ceiling options to decrease clutter and make you more organized. Ceiling garage racks allow you to use all the space in your garage while having everything easily accessible up and out of your way. Overhead garage storage is the inexpensive way to increase your usable space.

  • 82% of people factor in the garage when buying a home
  • 73% of people enter their home through the garage
  • 25% of people with two car garages can't get a single car inside
  • 32% of people with two car garages can only fit one car inside

Need More Space?

  • Use the space you already own
  • Eliminate the high cost of self-storage
  • Access your things anytime
  • Fit the car back in the garage
  • Free up inside closet space
  • Easy to follow DIY instructions

Standard Features

  • All 14 gauge steel
  • Powder-coated finish
  • Industrial strength wire decking
  • "C" channel beams on 8' units
  • Heavy-duty center supports
  • All 5/16" mounting hardware

Ceiling & Hanging Storage by MonsterRax

Once again you will be able to store two cars in your two-car garage thanks to these overhead garage storage systems. Our overhead garage racks are simple to install by following our online instructions. We make it easy to use garage racks and get everything up and out of the way.