Questions & Answers

Below you will find a growing list of questions and answers that are most common to our industry.  If you ever have any questions that you dont find addressed here, please call us and we will be happy to help answer them.


1) What Is The Standard Process To Get Design/Pricing?

When you make a call or send an email expressing interest in getting a quote, you will schedule a time for a designer to come to the home, see the space, discuss your needs and select materials.  From there, you will recieve an email with the intial plans and quote.  This process can take anywhere from 24hr to several days depending on the scope of work and work load of the designer.  The email you recieve will include 3d and 2d drawings using a state of the art CAD program. You will then have time to review and make revisions with your designer as necessary.  Once an agreement has been made on design and cost, we place the project in our production queue and schedule an installation date.

2)  How Long Does It Take To From Order to Install?

Once you place your order, the process can take anwhere from several days to several weeks.  Typically, we run about a 4 week lead time.  If you can get a project from a competitor faster, we would urge you to question their quality of materials and product.

3)  What Makes Northwest Closets Better Than The Rest?

A) We are NOT a franchise.  We have no franchise fees or royalties associated with our business which means the customer is getting the best deal, always.

B) We are family owned and operated.  We offer exceptional customer service every step of the way.  You are not just another number/customer but a person that helps us grow.  We want to show you respect and appreciation for choosing us.

C) We have a superior cabinet construction method to that of our competitors.  No plastic fittings or shared partitions.  Be sure to ask your designer more details.  

D) We are a no pressure company.  We send you your drawings and quote so you can review on your time and make a decision thats best for you and your family.

We have many more reasons we think we are the best custom storage cabinet business in Puget Sound but the proof is in the experience.  Give us a try and see the difference!


4) How Much Does a Custom Closet cost?

Custom closets can range from small to large.  Therefore the price can range from inexpensive and affordable to very custom and expensive.  There are many factors influencing costs such as material selections, doors/drawers, profiles, design etc.  that influence cost.  Although this isnt the best answer for "how much does a custom closet cost", it is better than advertising an "average" price like some competitors do only to be disspointed and pressured at the time of sale.  What we do offer is a family owned, non franchise business that uses quality materials and low advertising budget to keep us competitive.  Rest assured, the cost will usually be less by 20% on average.

5) How Much Does A Murphy Bed Cost?

Murphy beds can range in cost from the least expensive models and size at $1,700 to large units with side towers, custom stains and moldings at $10,000.  Although the sizes of Wallbeds are rather consistent, pricing doesnt have to be.  We tailor your murphy bed project to fit your budget, style of your home and meet your overall needs. 

3) What Kinds of Materials Do You Use?

Whether it is a custom closet or wallbed, cabinet or furniture, we only use industrial grade melamine products or wood veneer products over plywood made in America.  All products are CARB compliant and safe for everyone.  Your designer will always have these samples on hand or in our showroom for viewing.