Applied Table Murphy Beds

60% of Murphy beds and Wallbeds are used in conjunction with a custom home office. Sometimes, the office space or dimensions of the room don’t allow for adequate desk space.

The solution may be in the form of an applied table option for your Wallbed! It's both a basic function and low-cost solution for more desk space. It's easy to use, and attractive when up or in its down position. Most of the time, this office desk solution is down until it comes time for the bed's use, in which case you can fold up the desk and pull down the bed in a matter of seconds. This option is available in a variety of sizes and in all of our wood selections.

Another great benefit of choosing us for your Wallbed needs is that we can customize table sizes (within certain specs) to fit the demands your office or craft area. Tables can also be laminated on top for a hardier surface (as opposed to wood) if you need something that is going to hold up even longer.

Even with a drop-down table, you can still add in a light kit or an overhang light kit to help see the space on top of the table. They are simple to use, functional, and a definite improvement to the already space-saving Murphy bed solution.

Whether you have a tiny Bellevue or Seattle condo, a small home bedroom in Tacoma, or a cabin in the woods, the tables we offer may be just right to serve your needs!

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