Flat & Contemporary Murphy Beds

Flat-faced, contemporary Murphy beds are becoming increasingly popular as the styles of homes gravitate towards a very sharp, severe, modern look. They are clean, simple and have somewhat of a curiosity about them.

The question is always: how do we dress them up or make them elegant, but not have too much detail that it floats into a different style?

With a modern style Murphy bed or wallbed, it is possible to accomplish this. We offer different options for the face of your Murphy bed that include, but are not limited to, simple kerf lines, tables, or even TVs!

Kerf lines can be discussed on site with your designer to determine what look you would be trying to achieve. TVs are always fun, because they can turn a room with a Murphy bed into a three- or four-purpose room instantly! All of a sudden, what appears to be your entertainment wall transforms into a bedroom.  Perfect for small rooms, or areas where you simply want to take advantage of your space!

Northwest Closets & Wallbeds serves Seattle, Bellevue, Tacoma, and the entire Puget Sound area.

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