Park Avenue Cabinet Bed

Park Avenue

The Park Avenue Cabinet Bed brings to the table the same features, function, and style as the Stanley but with one extra perk…the sides fold away to make for a more open feel! Some guests have felt that traditional sleeper beds can feel slightly claustrophobic, creating an uncomfortable sleeping experience. If this sounds like you, then this is your dream come true!

As always, our cabinets beds fold out in as little as 15-30 seconds, so there is no lengthy process to get a guest bed (or everyday bed) ready when you need it. Flip the sides of the bed back in a matter of seconds, and you now have the open feeling you've been looking for.

Still available is the pull-out drawer at the base for storing bedding or other clothing. You can also store decorations and up to a 60” TV on top of the bed for everyday use. Sleep facing the head of the bed, and you can even watch TV in bed! 

There are three custom-made mattresses available to fit your comfort needs: a gel mattress, a memory foam mattress, and a flappable trifold mattress.

The Park Avenue Cabinet Bed also offers the same available options as the Stanley with nine different stain choices. You can also choose a custom stain or paint from Benjamin Moore for an additional charge. This bed will support 500 lbs., and comes with a warranty for peace of mind. All solid birch and plywood construction with environmentally safe products for a healthy sleep.

Call today to see our showroom and this product in person. It always makes people smile because of how neat cabinet beds are!

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