Shaker Style Wallbeds

Many modern homes are gravitating towards contemporary clean lines and sharp or severe presentations.  An age old classic is with our shaker style Murphy beds/Wallbeds.  We don’t have fancy names for our Murphy Beds like “Seattle Style” or “Bellevue Classic” but we do offer custom made shaker style wallbeds available in any format you choose.  Working with our designers, you will be able to create a decorative bed face that is both functional and unsuspecting of what lies behind (pun intended).  They can look like a free standing amour cabinet but in reality folds into a murphy bed!  As always, our murphy beds are available in premium quality melamines or real woods in both clear, painted or stained finishes!

As always, we use the highest grade Murphy Bed hardware made in Europe.  We utilize a spring mechanism to achieve the easiest close and opening beds on the market.  They are balanced to accommodate many different weight mattresses, tables, moldings or solid door panels.  Spruce up your murphy bed with a light kit!  You’ve come this far, might as well add some ambiance!

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