Murphy Beds & Wallbeds

Serving the greater Seattle area, Murphy beds / Wall beds are an elegant contemporary solution to an age-old problem: a lack of space in your home.  The growing need for more and more space is never ending. Instead of expanding to more sq ft or perhaps even moving, use the space you already own!

Many people have a spare bedroom in their home and most of the time it is used very little. Generally speaking, spare bedrooms are cluttered up and highly inefficient. With a Murphy bed from Northwest Closets you will be able to convert your spare bedroom into a dual-purpose room-a beautifully concealed bed, and perhaps an office.  Seattle Wallbeds & Wallbeds Northwest are a great starting places but as we say, "test the rest and buy the best".

With the Wall Bed systems we provide, the customer has the option of choosing any type of hardwood available, even stain the wood to match any pre-existing cabinetry or flooring if desired. Our Wall bed systems are custom made (not kits) at our facility in Kent, WA and are made of the best materials and mechanisms available.  We are also highly competitive and offer some of the best values in the industry due to our low overhead and minimal advertising costs.  We rely to a great extent on our referrals with a 20 year customer base as well as contractor relationships.  We pass this saving on to you!  Try the free consultation option and let us earn your business!

Whether you are in need of a Seattle Wallbed, live in a rapidly growing city like Bellevue and desire a contemporary Wallbed / Murphy Bed design or anywhere in the Puget Sound, we will be more than happy to assist you in your project from start to finish. Please visit the website we have designed to specifically enhance the experience and information regarding this amazing product (

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