Inset Table Beds

When making an investment to put an Inset Table wallbed or Murphy bed in your home, you must weigh the benefits of design vs value.  Uncompromised in quality, this type of table option is the most decorative and fancy option available.  It is fitting to a room that you would tend to see the face of the bed and other cabinets often.  It is sleek, modern (regardless of style), functional and the perfect solution to the demands of extra storage and presentation.

Similar to that of our applied table options, the inset table options offer the same utilitarian value but in a more decorative application.  The wallbed or murphy bed faces are created using a variety of paneling or doors/drawers to create a space in which the wallbed table sits within.  These table options are also able to be customized in size and have many choices between that of a raised panel, shaker or a flat face style.  These particular inset table Murphy Beds are popular in the busiest of cities (Seattle, Bellevue, Tacoma, Olympia) but they are also a great fit for any home that demands the quality, presentation and function of a truly custom piece of furniture that is built to last.

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