Horizontal Wallbeds / Murphy beds

Side tilt Murphy Beds or "horizontal wallbeds" are exactly that...a Murphy Bed that sits on its side.  Because these beds lay on their sides, its a great solution for rooms that have low ceiling heights or are very narrow.  Although they lay on their side and take up more wall space, they are short in height.  Being short in height means that you can still add storage to the top of the bed to finish off the look of the cabinetry and provide maximum storage at the same time.  You can also have side tower storage if the wall length allows.  

Due to increasing demand for more efficient uses of space and smaller living quarters, side tilt beds are becoming more popular each day.  As always, you can add many decorative features to the face of these murphy beds or keep them flat, modern or contemporary. Custom stains and paints are always available to make matching any existing furniture or creating a new look possible.  Last but not least, side tilt wallbeds are built using the same mechanisms as those of our vertical models which means you get the same storage capacity as well as quality and warranty on your murphy bed!