Pantry Closet Solutions

The primary kitchen area that usually requires organization is the pantry—but not always. Together we can design a practical, attractive and efficient pantry that incorporates rollout shelves, corner shelving, countertops and cabinets. Beyond that we can also help with a variety of other kitchen accessories such recycle bins, wine racks, and tray dividers. Pantry solutions can also include chrome wired baskets of varying sizes to hold things such as onions, potatoes, spice packages and more.  

As strange as it seems, American throws away more food than any other country on earth.  We have lots of it!  But we tend to waste it and not knowing it is there or it going bad could be the culprit.  With an organized pantry solution, not only will the jar of pickles be less likely to tip over, children wont use the wire shelving that come standard in most homes to climb for cookies or better yet, lose food in the back of the shelving saving you thousands of dollars a year!  We also offer durable products that last and will make it a great investment for the space you use every day.  This is not an area specfic idea forsmall spaces, it is a practical one.  Call us today to help get you organized.   

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